Lighting and Grip Packages for Rent

For Still Photographers we offer a basic high-key lighting package to give a clean white background when shooting on our 25′ cyclorama.  Background lights can be eliminated for the purpose of darkening background to grey tones.  Includes two 300W wireless strobes mounted via super clamp to poles with 4’x8′ white foam core flags/reflectors for background and one 4’x6′ Litedome/Chimera soft box on a boom utilizing a 1200W Speedotron Black Line head for the key light.  Infrared wireless trigger also included.   $150 per day (in studio only)

For Videographers (or still photographers) we offer the following lighting/grip packages:

Package A – Basic Interview Kit: $125 per day


1- Arri Kit with 2 chimeras: 1-1k open face with chimera, 1-1k fresnel, 1–650w fresnel, 1-300w fresnel with chimera. 4 sand bags.

Package B – Complete Studio Package: $250 per day


3-1k baby fresnels, 1-2k open face, 2-1k open face, 3-200w fresnels, 3 chimeras, grip package to include 4×4 frames, c-stands, sand bags, flags and nets, apple boxes.

Package C – Deluxe Studio Package: $375 per day


1- Barger 3 light with chimera, 2-2k space lights, 2-2k open face, 3-baby fresnels, 3-1k open face, 4-600w open face, 3-200w fresnels, 3 chimeras, complete grip package.


Add Gaffer to any package: $500

Add 12×12 green screen with frame and stands to any package: $60

Add 2 – 4ft 4 bank Kino Flos to any package: $85


A La Carte Rental Equipment

2-1200 ARRI HMI Par Plus with lenses and Chimera 1-800w Joker w/Chimera
2-400w Joker w/Chimeras
2-Light Panel LED
Kino-Flo package:
All Kino Flo Fixtures come with your choice of 2900, 3200 and 5600K bulbs 2 – 4 foot 4 bank fixtures with flozier diffusion bags
2 – 4 foot 2 bank fixtures
2 –  Mini flo kit 9” fixtures
Tungsten Fixtures:
1 – Barger 3-lite
1 – 5K Desisti 12” Fresnel
5 – 1K Mole Richardson Baby Baby Fresnels
2 – 2K Mighty Mole Richardson open face fixture
4 – 1K Mickey Mole Richardson open face fixtures
5 – 650w Teenie-Weenie Mole Richardson open face fixture
3 – 200w Mole Richardson Mini Moleswith focal spot and patterns 1 – 575 Source Four w/patterns
2 – Ultra Light 2K space Lights with 1K, 750w and 500w bulbs 1-Arri Kit with Chimera 3300 total watts
Chimera Kit:
1 – 4×3 Chimera quartz w/half, full, light grid 3-24×32 Chimera quartz w/half/full/light grid 2-16×22 softbox w/half/full/light grid
55×17 strip box w/half/full/light grid
22×7: strip box w/half/full/ light grid
2 Small 12×18 chimeras w/half/full/light grid
12×12 frame with assortment of diffusion and bounce materials (silver/gold, ultrabounce, solid, full-half-light grids.
6×6 frame with assortment of diffusion and bounce materials (silver, ultrabounce, bleached and non bleached muslins, full-light-half grid)
2 – Mirror Boards with soft sides 10-C-stands
2-Hi Hi Rollers
5-Combo Stands
Sand Bags 15lb, 20lb shot and 35lb bags
Flags and nets in various sizes as well as outdoor custom 4×4 monitor tent Full assortment of Apple Boxes
SpeedRail (all speedrail extensions and pipe hardware included)
Grip rigging gear and support (mayfers, cardellinis, etc).
7Ft Mini Jib Arm: Supports up to 50 pounds.
Slider: 4ft Dana Dolly Slider, 5ft Glidecam Slider
Wide variety of full rolls of diffusion: $5/foot
Wide variety of color correction gels and party gels: $6/foot
Blackwrap: $4/foot if cut
Duvetine: $2.50/foot if cut
Tape: paper, gaffers, camera tapes of various colors: $18/roll, $9/half roll

For more details please contact Nick Calabria at 760-692-7915 or email us at